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Review: Orc Castle
LewdGamer reviews Orc Castle, a 2016 puzzle/eroge by developer a Matures, in which you lay down traps to capture several able-bodied women.
Review: Mutiny!!
LewdGamer takes a look at Mutiny!!, a pirate-themed adventure visual novel from Lupiesoft.
LewdLook: Algophilia
LewdGamer takes a look at Algophilia, a low-poly ryona game from an independent Japanese developer known as Mr. 38 of 566.
LewdLook: Demonophobia
Now, here's a cult classic for indie gaming: Demonophobia, a freeware guro adventure game by the elusive 237, made all the way back in 2008.
Review: Rance 5D
ZenithTheOne LewdGamer Review of Rance 5D, the first Alice Soft Rance game released officially in the West by publisher MangaGamer.
Review: See No Evil
See No Evil is an erotic Bara experience lovingly crafted by Big Fingers. The game follows the story of Orsino, a man lost in a strange and hunky world.

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