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About Us

Our Goals

Lewd Gamer was founded January 14th, 2015 in response to the growing interest in adult video games. Coverage of games media from press outlets are often lacking due to societal taboos of mixing sex and games. Contrary to this conventional wisdom, our website quickly flourished with traffic from many excited gamers seeking out interactive adult media. From the tame but sexy Bayonetta to the hardcore Lapis Gunner, we cover all erotica available in gaming.

It is our mission to provide the most comprehensive coverage of adult games media with a dedication to accuracy, a pursuit towards objectivity, a constantly improving approach onquality, and an adherence to ethical practices. Whether researching, interviewing, writing, or editing, the Lewd Gamer team eagerly abide by these principles to ensure the best informational articles and videos for your reading or viewing pleasure.

Although we are primarily a gaming website, we also cover other areas we find of related interest to our readership. These subjects include censorship, adult tech, and adult toys. Suffice to say, if the subject matter is lewd there is a chance we may report on it.

Review Scores

The Critic’s Score under each article is reflective of the writer or video commentator of each review, not necessarily Lewd Gamer as a whole. In addition to the Critic’s Score, we invite visitors to rate games themselves. The User Score is an average rating taken from all scores submitted. We do this as to involve our community’s input on the quality of the games we cover.

Review scores are broken up into different aspects depending on subject matter covered; be it a game, a visual novel, or another adult product. While generally we have specific aspects of Gameplay, Story, Sound, Art/Graphics, and Replay Value, these aspects may not be included on certain reviews and/or other aspects may be included. In every review the Critic’s Score is independent from these aspects to give an objective assessment of overall quality. Individual aspects of a subject may not be reflective of the subject as a whole in addition to other aspects not specifically scored being taken into account.


Our community is ever growing and we welcome new members to join us to provide criticism, praise, and discussion as we value the concerns of our visitors who we place first and foremost. By creating an account through our website, you can post under any of our content pages. Alternatively, you can post in our comments section by logging in through social media or by providing an email address. If you would like to email us directly, please visit our contact page or send to Stay up to date by subscribing to our RSS feed or follow us across the web.

If you have a news tip on a story you would like us to cover, you can send it to us using any of the above means of communication.