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Dusk Pub, a fantasy bar management game by YellowDuckWorks, is now available on Steam.

Dusk Pub blends the management of a medieval fantasy tavern with contemporary themes of cabaret clubs and idol contests. Players take the role of a young man who inherited a pub from his parents. He’s been successfully taking care of it with the help of his maid, but hasn’t made much of a name for himself yet. The only club the locals tend to talk about is Heaven’s Inn uptown, where the wealthy enjoy the performances of stunning idols.

One night, the protagonist gets into a scuffle with an old drunk bothering women in front of his establishment. As it turns out, that man owned Heaven’s Inn. His goons soon trashed the pub and left the protagonist with a sour taste afterward. Now fueled with newfound inspiration to beat his new rival, he motivates himself to make his pub a popular brand throughout the kingdoms.

Much of the Dusk Pub experience is comprised of various minigames: matching staff with client’s preferences, mixing drinks through memory puzzles, and even fighting monsters in a simple shoot 'em up. Good performance rewards the player with gold, which can be used to further train the pub's staff.

The heroines making up the pub’s staff are part of the story, introduced through various events. These are largely presented through visual novel narration, though they may also contain gameplay in the form of logic puzzles. Over time, the player will employ and enjoy various human and monster girl heroines, as well as develop an intimate relationship with them.

Dusk Pub is now available on Steam for the promotional price of $12.99 until April 26th, at which point it will cost $11.69. Adult content has to be installed separately through a free DLC.

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