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Playmeow Games has published Cosemen Gaming’s eroge, The World of Gangs, on Steam.

The World of Gangs is a mythological strategy RPG where a group of heroes search for a legendary sword. The story begins with the creation of the world and civilization. Men, who were no better than animals, navigated the sea to expand their wisdom. They had yet to develop families or states. When a mysterious stone; large enough to be an island, suddenly fell into the ocean, they decided to settle down there and call this piece of land Xianluo.

The early days of Xianluo were full of strife and war, but one woman with a divine weapon called the Skyhill Sword was able to end the conflict and unite the world. She established the Long Age Kingdom, proclaimed herself the Emperor of Age, and created a calendar. After an era of peace, another weapon that is on par with the Skyhill Sword called Heaven Sword has emerged and the world of gangs are about to start another war to get their hands on it. One group that has their eyes on it includes Lu Huangding, a disciple of the King’s Mountain Gang, and Yuan Liai, the gang master’s daughter.

◆Gameplay Instructions

The game is an RPG with bitmap animated main storyline and a portrait dialogue system, and a map system to enter scenes for storylines or trigger events.

Explore the scenes for treasures and defeat enemies to gain powerful equipment, and learn new martial arts skills by completing the mastery side stories to become more resourceful in battle.

There are many exciting sex scenes. But you can choose to avoid them by not triggering them to achieve a pure love ending.

◆Game features

◇Lots of basic CG+different score

◇RPG storyline plus map exploration, battle system and other rich contents

◇Two main female characters, two secondary female characters

◇H plot mainly for NTR

You can purchase The World of Gangs on sale from Steam for $7.99. After April 23rd, the sale will end and the game will return to its original sales price of $9.99.

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