Putting the D in the double D.

Fatal Countdown - immoral List of Desires, a post-apocalyptic survival strategy by Secret Garden, has been released on Steam.

Fatal Countdown - immoral List of Desires takes place in a city abandoned by its government. After the outbreak of a mysterious virus, all government officials suddenly dispersed. Not long after, the city fell under the control of various gangs, as resources started becoming scarce. The protagonist teams up with his childhood friend, Alice, and the girlfriend of his brother, Ada, in their shared struggle to survive.

The game requires good management of resources as players strive to make it out as long as they can. Each day, the protagonist and his teammates can perform three actions. These actions can include looking for supplies, improving equipment or the shelter they stay in, recovering from wounds, or going out in search of new items, companions, and clues as to the nature of the outbreak. Many of these actions require resources o perform, with food being necessary for the team to make it to the next day.

Story segments of Fatal Countdown - immoral List of Desires take the form of visual novel narration. Most events have to be discovered by going out and unlocking new missions, giving the player a heads-up to the relevant story details with a short summary. These encounters might end in erotic scenarios, with the game making use animated CGs to spice them up. While players begin with just two women in their company, many more join over the course of the game. The eroticism seen in the game isn’t always consensual, as gangs and other shady organizations will take advantage of those lost in the city.

◆Featured System

Stress-free operation design--fast text-skipping system

Full CG mode can be turned on in the environment setting for free viewing of HCGs


A mysterious virus attacked the entire city...

All the law enforcement officials suddenly disappeared, and the order of the city quickly collapsed...

The city had become a checklist with all the words of desire written on it...

The ugliness of the human nature was impacting my sanity. Under the chaos, women had become toys

Survival was at stake, and humanity was put to the test!

Although I was "handcuffed" and "branded," I would not admit defeat...

I was accompanied by Alice, my childhood friend, and Ada, my brother's wife...

Could I survive in this chaotic city and get them out of there?

Or would I lose my mind in this depraved city and go completely insane?

◇Tip: Daytime is the most dangerous in the city. Your shelter needs to have enough defense

Fatal Countdown - immoral List of Desires is now available on Steam for $10.99.

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