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Short Hair Simp Has Released Purify Mission on and DLsite

Purify Mission, a fantasy RPG Maker game where you rid the land of toxins left behind by demons, is available on and DLsite.

Purify Mansion is a fantasy RPG that takes place after humans have defeated the demon army in a great war. Peace may have been restored to the land, but the demons left behind “Dark Polluted,” a type of poison that can taint and contaminate the land. A group of saints were gathered and sent throughout the continent to purify them. George, our protagonist, is a saint who was sent to purify the Fortina region of “Dark Polluted.” During his mission, he was attacked by a contaminated slime. Fortunately, two villagers, named Hild and Morgan, came to his rescue.

Besides the main story quest where you exterminate the “Dark Polluted,” there are additional side quests that you can collect from the guild. These consist of monster hunting and fetch quests. Enemies are visible on the map and the combat is turn-based. One major difference when it comes to combat is when you are fighting against contaminated enemies. George’s regular attacks will not work on them, so he must use his purify skill on them first. Purify Mission has six girls and twenty-two H-scenes. If played to completion, the game is estimated to last up to seven hours.


Even if humans defeat the demon army.

But they still had something called "Dark Polluted" a poison that spread across the continent.

It is the duty of the saint to purify Dark Polluted from the land.

Game Details

- RPG Turn Base Game


- 6 Girls Available

- 22 Erotic Event

- Estimated Play Time 7 Hour+ ( Clear All Quest )

You can purchase Purify Mission on sale for $1.51 on and ¥374 (estimated $2.43 USD) on DLsite. After April 19th, the sale on DLsite will end and the game will return to ¥440 (estimated $2.86 USD). Additionally, there is a demo available on both sites.

Before purchasing the game on DLsite, make sure you have a Japanese language pack on your PC and your system locale set to Japanese. You can learn more about this on DLsite’s help page.

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