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Inlet Pipe Productions has released a public demo for Komadori Inn, a slice-of-life dating sim, on

Komadori Inn is a casual slice-of-life dating sim currently being developed by Inlet Pipe Productions. Players take the role of a young man who, searching for some change in his life, signs up for a gig in another country. He winds up at the Komadori Inn, joining its mostly female staff.

In the current demo of Komadori Inn, the protagonist gets to work alongside the inn’s unpleasant owner and his busty wife, Fuyuko Mie. In future builds, they will also be joined by the sporty Tsubame Inagaki and fashionable Shun Amino.

Komadori Inn is largely a life simulator. On their workdays, players will juggle a handful of minigames throughout their shift, trying to complete them all in time without upsetting the guests. This earns them money for useful opportunities, which can also help in flirting with the heroines, as well as raise their stats, unlocking new options.

For the full release, there are plans to include robust relationships with dating mechanics, side stories, and little adventures to explore. Players will be expected to manage their time, as well as their stamina and sperm bars, depending on their prioritized goals. Sex scenes are interactive and utilize animated CGs. Players will also be able to cuck the inn’s owner, as well as create a harem for group activities.

When looking for changes in your life, you use the services of an employment agency. Fate throws you to another country, where you are employed in an inn in the middle of nowhere. You quickly learn how to cope with new responsibilities, and at the same time you get to know the other, beautiful part of the staff better.

As you manage your time between shifts, you develop a very intimate relationship with your co-workers. Trying to avoid the eyes of hotel guests, you use every corner and every piece of furniture to satisfy the desires of the two, three and four of you...

- Take control over animated sex scenes with sounds and voices

- Raise your stats, unlock new perks and sex positions

- Work at the inn by playing relaxing minigames

- Manage your time, energy and sperm between fun and responsibilities

- Develop relationships with Dating Sim mechanics

- Take part in many stories and little adventures

The public demo for Komadori Inn is available on To learn more about the project and support its creation, visit Inlet Pipe Productions’ Patreon.

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