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AI Translation Patch for Rural School Life ~The Girls Who Gave All the Boys Their First Ejaculations~ Is Available on DLsite

Mochi&Daifuku’s RPG Maker game, Rural school life ~The girls who gave all the boys their first ejaculations~, receives an AI translation patch on DLsite.

Developed by Mochi&Daifuku, Rural School Life ~The girls who gave all the boys their first ejaculations~ is an eroge centered around young boys' sexual awakening. Located in Mirakucho, a small town in the countryside, only boys seem to go to school, and they go about their days without communicating with women.

One day, three girls — Aoi, Rina, and Yui — transferred to the school, becoming the only female students there. At first, the boys didn’t approve of this change and kept to themselves, but as they spent more time with the girls, their bodies started to react differently towards them. They started to feel restlessness between their legs and have naughty thoughts. While they were struggling with these new sensations, the girls started a club where they would seduce the boys and make them cum.

The game has no penetrative sex involved. It only has masturbation, footjobs, paizuri, handjobs, panty shots, and other acts of that nature. There are fifty-eight basic CGs and over one hundred 3D CGs.


Mirakucho is a tranquil country town rich in nature. Not a single girl goes to school there.

The school boys live their lives without having anything to do with women.

However, one day, three girls, Aoi, Rina, and Yui, transfer to the school.

At first, the boys don't think they need girls around, content with playing with other boys.

But the more they play with the girls, the more their bodies start to change...

A restless body, a reacting crotch, a horny and naughty feeling――

The boys are confused by the changes in their bodies.

Meanwhile, in order to subdue the rebellious boys, the girls form a "jerk off the boys" club and seduce them.

Will the boys be able to get through their school lives without a hitch?

〇Genre: Adventure


Facial boob-rubbing, see-through clothes, panty shots, masturbation, handjob, footjob, buttjob, titty fuck, sniffing, tormenting, etc.

*There is no actual intercourse.


58 basic CG images, over 100 other 3DCG images

You can download the AI translation patch of Rural School Life ~The girls who gave all the boys their first ejaculations~ for free on DLsite. You will need the base game to use the patch, which can be purchased for ¥1,320 (estimated $8.57 USD).

Before purchasing the game on DLsite, make sure you have a Japanese language pack on your PC and your system locale set to Japanese. You can learn more about this on DLsite’s help page.

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