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Triangle! has released a free English version of their RPG Maker game, Artemis Pearl ~Pirate Princess Luvina and the Mystical Treasure~, on DLsite.

Artemis Pearl ~Pirate Princess Luvina and the Mystical Treasure~ is a seafaring adventure where a girl sets out to restore her father’s honor and search for hidden treasure. A long time ago, a thief started and lost a war against the chivalric order. After his death, he became known as the Great Pirate of Evil and his body was lost at sea. Twenty years later, the thief’s daughter Luvina saved up enough money to buy a small ship for herself. It was her goal to go on a voyage to reclaim her father’s honor and locate the treasure known as Artemis Pearl.

The seas are a dangerous place for a novice like Luvina. Styria, the captain of the chivalric order, has no tolerance for pirates and monsters will have their way with Luvina, if she loses a battle against them. With her father’s old subordinate Goinvald and Monkey, a horny primitive man, she will need all the help she can get.

Your ship is worse for wear and your crew is small, so you’ll need to find materials to upgrade it and earn money to hire seamen. With each upgrade, you will be able to increase your crew size, access new areas, and unlock new sub-stories. You can also accept quests such as bounties where you can track down criminals and collect rewards.

- Fully animated

Pose art and H Scenes are animated!

Before penetration → After penetration → Thrusting → Ejaculation

plus more variations are all animated!

- Begin with gathering & crafting

Without money or items, Luvina must obtain the things she needs to protect herself.

Resources lying out on the field can be collected to obtain materials.

Craft these to make better items and powerful equipment,

and beat down the monsters blocking your path, and bounty targets!

- Enlarge your pirate ship!

Luvina's starting ship is a worn-out old used boat that's barely seaworthy.

By supplying sufficient gold, the pirate ship can reach a max level of 5.

By making your ship bigger, you can unlock new areas, and experience sub-stories and more.

- Recruit seamen

Scout for seamen from the notice board on your pirate ship.

You can recruit seamen with a certain amount of gold, or pay with your body...

- Collect hidden treasures!

You can start sub-stories from the sign on your pirate ship.

You can download the free version of Artemis Pearl ~Pirate Princess Luvina and the Mystical Treasure~ from DLsite. Before downloading the game, make sure you have a Japanese language pack on your PC and your system locale set to Japanese. You can learn more about this on DLsite’s help page.

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