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Slice of Life Simulator Cohabitation Life Released on Steam

Pasture Soft’s casual dating simulator Cohabitation Life is available on Steam.

Cohabitation Life is a dating simulator that lets you experience the joys and pitfalls of living with your girlfriend. In the game, you have started living together with your college girlfriend, Kanako Tsukishima, and are faced with many challenges. It can become a challenge managing education, romance, and other responsibilities while living together. Keep track of both of your needs or else your relationship will fall apart.

The game lasts for twenty-six in game days before you receive an ending. There are three sections for planning your week: your weekday plan, weekend plan, and how frequently you have sex with Kanako. How you manage Kanako’s physical and emotional needs will factor into the ending. She won’t like it if you are too affectionate with her; however, if you don’t show her enough affection, she will feel lonely. To make the game feel even more realistic, there is an autosave function so that each of your actions matter. All of your previous actions will be recorded and affect how Kanako interacts with you. If you disregard or never listen to her, she might just break up with you.

The protagonist begins cohabiting with his girlfriend, Kanako Tsukishima, whom he started dating in college. Compared to their sweet romance, living together presents many practical challenges. Players must plan their daily lives, balancing academics, lifestyle, and romance. Fulfilling Kanako's physical and emotional needs is also crucial as her boyfriend. Too much intimacy may lead to her dislike, while a lack of it is, of course, unacceptable. The 26 weeks the protagonist and Kanako spend together will determine their fate (ending). This game features an auto-save system. To enhance realism, the player's past actions are recorded, and conversations with Kanako and her reactions will vary. Failing to properly listen to her may result in being dumped.

You can purchase Cohabitation Life on sale from Steam for $6.79. After April 16th, the sale will end and the game will return to its original sales price of $7.99.

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