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Sex Kills, a criminal mystery RPG and sequel to a previous title by 大きくて強い, has been released on Steam.

Sex Kills is an urban RPG taking place in a world that just survived a zombie apocalypse, thanks to the efforts of a man known as Garry. Everyone has begun slowly returning to a normal, peaceful life. While some thugs have been roaming the streets following the zombie upheaval, things seem to be looking up for most — but not everyone.

A new serial kidnapper is running loose in the city. Sandy, a good friend of Garry, was caught while trying to audition for a movie. Not wanting her to get hurt, Garry quickly composes and prepares himself for a rescue mission, though he'll have to figure out the kidnapper’s identity first. As he tracks the criminal using the few clues he has, he also meets up with his other targets, taking a growing number of women under his protection. Despite his best efforts, many of them will be subject to abuse and humiliation in BDSM-esque scenarios.

Sex Kills plays out in an open-world environment, with players able to explore and roam a larger map of the city. NPCs will provide tasks directing players to specific areas, some of which may have gangsters or even monsters roaming since the original outbreak. The game's combat is turn-based, with a large party size and 9 playable characters.

Sex Kills is also a sequel to Blood ‘n Bikinis, featuring returning characters and showcasing the consequences of the previous game’s zombie outbreak.

Sex sells. We all know that. But as it happens, it might also kill.

The world is finally enjoying peace as the last zombie threat slowly settles like dust, thanks to your past prowesses. But a mysterious maniac suddenly starts abducting rich hot ladies.

Your friend Sandy, daughter of a powerful CEO and future heir of a huge business empire, is first on the list, and as you go after her, it appears clear that you will also have to protect your other rich hot friends. With little information on your enemy's identity, you are bound to pick your moves very carefully.

Your ultimate goal: rescue Sandy and track down the criminal. And, if there's enough time for it, romance sexy girls along the way!

Sex Kills is an RPG with elements of Visual Novel and Romantic Sim.

It contains: maledom, public humiliation and nudity, abuse, BDSM, OON, CMNF, ENF, a lot of fanservice and very mean MC.


- 9 playable characters, including popular ones from the Blood and Bikinis series!

- 13 achievements!

- More than 90 nasty blood-thirsty monsters to slaughter!

- Use rifles, shotguns or even kalachnikovs to succeed!

- Modern settings: fight your way through an urban street, a dirty ghetto, an abandoned warehouse and more!

- Meet and romance many gorgeous girls!

Sex Kills is now available on Steam for the promotional price of $15.99 until April 19th, at which point it will cost $19.99.

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