If it's a hole, it's a goal.

Loop Train Having Some Fun with Her and my Hypno-App, a chikan simulator by Mistilteinn, has been released on multiple storefronts.

Loop Train Having Some Fun with Her and my Hypno-App is a simple 3D chikan simulator with a hypnosis theme. One day, while on the train, the protagonist spots a young woman who catches his interest. Wanting to put his hands on her, he installs a hypnosis app, which begins the game proper.

Over the course of several days, players are tasked with stalking the heroine, taking crotch recordings of her on train station stairs, and molesting her on the train. The gameplay loop is simple to understand: within an allotted time limit, players have to stimulate different parts of the girl's body. Doing so gradually arouses suspicion, more so if the train is heavily populated. Simply stopping for a moment resets the passenger’s attention, and rushing too much can result in a game over. After the time runs out, the player's progress is saved, and a new day begins.

Each action has its own level of expertise, which increases as stimulation is repeated. Eventually, repeated assaults on the girl push the story forward, unlocking new options and stages. These include being able to undress the girl or follow her to the toilet.

Most actions also reward the player with currency, which can be used to swap the girl’s personality from three different options, customize her chest size and hair color, as well as unlock additional functions, such as the x-ray.

The grope-iest of groping sims!

Take a peek and cop a feel in 3D using only the mouse! Whether you're on packed train, a slow elevator, or an empty bathroom, you can take your time watching your target before striking with all your masturbatory might!

Your hypno-app gives you lots of options, from brainwashing and body-sculpting all the way to the ability to stop time!


- Fully-voiced heroine!

- Easy mouse-based controls!

- Multiple endings!

Loop Train Having Some Fun with Her and my Hypno-App is now available on JAST USA, FAKKU, and Itch.io for the promotional price of $16.99, where it will later cost $19.99.

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