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Mainstream Credit Cards will No Longer be Accepted on DLsite

The use of Mastercard, Visa, and American Express for purchases on DLsite has been temporarily suspended until further notice.

On April 3rd, DLsite posted a notice for customers who use Visa and Mastercard as their main form of payment on the website. According to the notice, those credit cards will temporarily be suspended from being used on DLsite. On April 4th, the notice was updated, now adding that the use of American Express is also among the cards temporarily suspended. DLsite promises to keep their customers updated on any further changes that may occur. In the meantime, they encourage customers to use other payment methods on the platform, such as purchasing serial codes through DLPay to transfer points to your account, prepayment through convenience stores, and electronic money.

The image below is the original notice, translated in English.

After this announcement was made, many customers noticed changes that DLsite had made to some of the tags on their products. The tags that were once either hardcore or morally questionable now had a more toned-down name. For example, one of the titles that we've written about in the past, Slave’s Nightmare, contains slavery, bestiality, and coercion/compulsion, but the corresponding tags on the store page have been changed to "servant," "beast buddies," and "ordered/compelled". Other tags on the storefront have received similar changes, such as lolicon being changed to "petite", captivity to "captured", hypnosis to "trance/suggestion," and gangbang to "sharing is caring."

You can read the translated notice on Eisys and check out alternate forms of payment on DLsite.

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