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Humans are not that against Lizardwomen, a match-3 puzzle game by Hue Axis Entertainment, has been published on Steam by Horny Capybara Studio.

Humans are not that against Lizardwomen is a branching fantasy story about a conflict between a small rus village and a local lizardmen clan. One of the female warriors of the lizard clan decided to steal the human’s idol of fertility. The human warrior, Ratibor, quickly arms himself to investigate the matter — a decision that could unexpectedly bring the two clans together under the lewd goddess’ watch.

The story is told in the style of a visual novel, with plenty of CGs for both normal events and erotic scenes. Whenever one of the characters has to make a crucial choice, the player is transported to a match-3 puzzle game. Each level offers one or more challenges, such as gathering a set number of points or collecting specific tiles. Once the objective is completed, the player can then move onto the story branch associated with the objective.

While all branches ultimately lead to the same ending, each contains erotic scenes unique to them, incentivizing players to replay the levels. By matching tiles, the game also awards players with gold, which can be spent on consumable items that make the game much easier. Using them, players can reach each branch of the story regardless of their skill.

Once again, vile lizards have descended upon the lands of the Hyperborea, and this time their plans are far more unrestrained and perverse!

The fates of the warrior Ratibor and the lizard shieldmaiden Veinte become intertwined when Veinte's squad steals the idol of the god of debauchery and fertility from a Rus' People village. The feud between the hero and the lizard woman could lead to the demise of both their races, but perhaps they can find some deeper connection between them, forget their prejudices and engage in love, not war?

What awaits you:

- A true story of the great feats of the ancient Rus' People in their war with the lizards

- Interesting match-3 levels, rewarding you with hot animated and voiced sex scenes

- A branching storyline

- Nude Rus maidens and lusty lizard warriorsses.

Humans are not that against Lizardwomen is now available on Steam for the promotional price of $2.79 until April 20th, at which point it will cost $3.99.

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