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Mango Party has published mystery eroge Honeymoon : Mystery Journey on Steam.

Honeymoon : Mystery Journey is a murder mystery where you must escape from prison and turn back time. In the game, you are married to Rose, a wonderful woman who works as a bank clerk. On the eve of your honeymoon, the two of you are on your way home when you notice Olivia, your colleague, lashing out at her maid Lily. Wanting to deescalate the situation, Rose tried to calm them down, only to make Olivia angrier instead.

This confrontation with the blonde millionaire would not only lead to the murder of your wife, but you being framed for it. After a brutal interrogation, you were thrown in prison. Instead of wallowing in your misery, you break out of prison to go back in time and save Rose using a mysterious power.

You must use your observational skills to investigate the area and collect clues that will help you escape prison and reveal the mystery behind this case. There are six puzzles to solve, including number pad codes and memory matching puzzles.


"On the eve of your honeymoon, your wife is murdered by a mysterious blonde colleage of yours. Things get worse when you're framed for the crime, brutally interrogated, and thrown in prison.

Escape from prison and break away from this timeline! Return to that tragic night and unlock the mystery to save your beloved!"


The devil is in the details! Observe your surroundings for any changes or anything that feels... off. Collect clues and items, unravel the mystery, and make your escape!


Three (+1) unique female chracters

Six complex puzzles to wrap your brain around

eight sets of CGs & tenLive2D animations

You can purchase Honeymoon : Mystery Journey on sale from Steam for $8.99. After April 18th, the sale will end and the game will return to its usual $9.99 pricing.

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