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SOFTSTAR ENTERTAINMENT has published BL dating sim Voice Love on Air on Steam and DLsite.

Voice Love on Air is a boys love dating and recording studio management simulator centered around the creation of BL radio dramas. For each project, you will be tasked with increasing your skills, hiring voice actors, giving directions in the studio, and completing everything before the deadline. The protagonist Aki is a sound engineer that has just opened his own recording studio, but has run into some financial trouble. His friend Mone has offered to help him out in exchange for helping her create BL dramas.

Each project has prerequisites that must be fulfilled before you can work on it. Aki will need the right amount of profession, communication, and performance skill points. Once that is settled, you can pick actors to play roles. Actors will have specialties and character types that they excel in, so match them with the right role and direct their performance. Once you have finished recording, you will be graded on your radio drama and be able to listen to it.

You can dictate how Aki spends his time throughout the week. He can take up a side job, increase his skills by taking classes, spend time with one of the voice actors, or record sound around the city. You'll be able to increase the affection of your favorite love interest by giving him gifts, spending time with him, and giving him roles for dramas. All of the H-scenes depicted in Voice Love on Air only take place within the radio dramas and not in the actual story. Meaning there are no erotic visuals, but there is audio and dialogue.

Voice Love on Air is a BL Dating Sim Game centered on voice recording sessions for Radio Dramas.

The protagonist Aki has the ability to hear a person's true feelings from their voice to uncover truths and lies.

He started a recording studio of his own but ran into some business difficulties.

To ease his financial situation, he agreed to help a friend in the sound recording for BL dramas.

[Start Recording from Scratch]

Take on different drama genre projects, study, and collect materials.

[Do Your Best for Every Drama]

Choose your favorite voice actor to work closely with in voice direction.

[Get to know them… better]

Meet up with your love interest on the weekends and hear his story.

[Make Your Own Voice Love Story]

You can purchase Voice Love on Air on sale from Steam for $26.99 and DLsite for ¥2,673 (estimated $17.63 USD). The Steam sale ends on April 10th while the sale on DLsite ends on April 11th. When the time comes, the game will return to its original sales price of $29.99 on Steam and ¥2,970 (estimated $19.59 USD) on DLsite. A demo is also available with one voice drama to work on, for those that want to try things out out before buying.

Before purchasing the game on DLsite, make sure you have a Japanese language pack on your PC and your system locale set to Japanese. You can learn more about this on DLsite’s help page.

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