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Outis Media’s fantasy visual novel, Slay the Dragon! The Fire-Breathing Tyrant Meets Her Match!, is available on Steam.

Slay the Dragon! The Fire-Breathing Tyrant Meets Her Match! is an erotic visual novel where you play as a man who used to have dreams of coaching monster athletics, until he experienced a life-threatening accident and survived. Ever since then, he started working as a lifeguard at the local fitness center. The job allows you to relax more and grants time for pleasant conversation with the locals and your childhood friend. However, this displeases a certain fire-breathing dragon girl with massive breasts.

Despite her small stature, Freya Knox is a bitch who wants to ruin his life and ride his dick till it runs dry. When she has something to use as blackmail, she tries to make him do all sorts of things to put him through hell. Our hero wants nothing to do with this, but Freya rather use you for entertainment. What ‘weapon’ can he use to liberate him from torment and slay the dragon?

More About this Game

- Three full-length erotic scenes illustrated by VAPOR, featuring the pint-sized tyrant, Freya Knox

- A new, original Soundtrack by Dr. Doot ("Seeds of Paradise")

- Five endings that conclude Freya's (and your) story

- A brief but branching interconnected tale of debauchery that ties in with the other Outis Media IPs to date, with faces and names that are both new and familiar

You can purchase Slay the Dragon! The Fire-Breathing Tyrant Meets Her Match! on sale from Steam for $4.00. After April 9th, the sale will end and the game will return to its original sales price of $5.00. There is also a demo available if you would like to give it a try.

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