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Cross Soul, a platforming eroge that takes place across different timelines, is now available on DLsite.

Cross Soul is an eroge following Aoha Sohma, a kunoichi apprentice in the Edo period and Ahsamooha, a young queen in ancient Egypt. When Aoha defeats a demon in a nearby forest, it manages to steal her soul. Meanwhile, Ahsamooha woke up from a dream where she witnessed the battle between Aoha and the demon. Upon entering the town, she discovered that the humans have been forced into a deep sleep by Inuma. Players will get to take control of both characters as they go on their own respective adventures.

Aoha and Ahsamooha have their own distinct playstyles. As a ninja, Aoha can double jump, move quickly, and attack at close-range; Ahsamooha’s movements are more restricted, leading her to use strategy, magic, and archery to get the advantage. The game's dungeons are randomly generated, so nothing encountered inside will ever be 100% consistent. In each level, players must navigate through the labyrinth and find their way to the next floor, until they eventually reach the boss. Some enemies can drop items that can be used to create better weapons and healing items, though due to the random nature of the dungeons, specific ingredients may take a bit more time to find.

There are a variety of H-scenes for both Aoha and Ahsamooha in Cross Soul. While in the village/town, they can masturbate and get intimate with some of the NPCs. If they get stuck in the miasma while in the dungeon, they will get assaulted by youkai. Some H-scenes also feature the girls being turned into futanari and experiencing urethral torture.

You can purchase Cross Soul on DLsite for 1,870¥ ($12.34). There is also a demo available if you would like to try the game out for yourself.

Before purchasing the game on DLsite, make sure you have a Japanese language pack on your PC and your system locale set to Japanese. You can learn more about this on DLsite’s help page.

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