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Love X Crotch X GYM, a gym management dating sim by 奶油貓工作室 and バター貓スタジオ, has been published by 072 Project on Steam.

Love X Crotch X GYM is a dating sim about a gym trainer becoming closely acquainted with a trio of clients. The story begins when Seigi is approached by Aki, a gym owner whose facility carters solely to women. The pair are friends with benefits, with Aki having a lot of trust in Seigi. As she has to leave town for two months to attend to an investment deal, she puts him in charge of the gym until her return.

Playing as Seigi, players have sixty days, each composed of four time periods, to help train the gym’s current clientele. That includes Yuki, who’s a freshman and a model; the dignified lawyer Misuzu venting her frustrations at the gym; and the motherly Kurea, who stops by the gym to help deal with her loneliness.

Each day, players have three opportunities to either train Seigi or coach one of the girls. Training the protagonist rises his stamina, which allows him to spend more time with the heroines on subsequent days. Naturally, spending time with the girls increases their stats, including affection, and unlocks new narrated scenes.

Training takes the form of simple minigames, with well-timed inputs boosting the heroine’s performance. Players also earn funds each day, which can be spent during the evening on items that recover the player’s health or can be gifted to the heroines to boost their stats.

Love X Crotch X GYM features both erotic pixel art sprite animations and CGs. The game provides 200,000 words of storytelling with 5 selectable endings, and a fully voiced female cast.

Love X Crotch X GYM is now available on Steam for the promotional price of $14.39 until April 12th, at which point it will cost $15.99.

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