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The World's Egg - For Those Who Dream, an erotic urban fantasy RPG by Hasoyua, has been published by Kagura Games on Steam and their own storefront.

The World's Egg - For Those Who Dream is a sci-fi dungeon crawler in which Mari, a seemingly average student, takes on the fight against supernatural monsters corrupting reality. A door to another reality has opened on Earth, and the miasma that emanates from it is mutating the world. Whenever it overwhelms an area, people affected by it turn into aberrations, attacking and abusing people around them. What’s more, their attacks seem to overwrite reality itself, changing the course of events on Earth.

Mari was caught in the middle of one such outbrake, forced to watch her friend get assaulted by tentacles. Unlike most people, she seems to have a naturally high immunity to the miasma, retaining her sense and control of her body. A secret organization trying to fight back against the miasma notices her while analyzing the outbreak, and provides Mari a powerful set of armor: the superhero outfit Lilium. Empowered by the futuristic technology, she slays the monsters, and later agrees to join the organization for good.

Predominantly a dungeon crawler, the game will have players taking up missions to investigate the miasma as Mari. Mission objectives can vary, including defense, scouting, and boss hunts, among others. Unlike most dungeon crawlers, the game doesn’t provide a map to navigate, and instead plays out its levels through a set of randomized outcomes. Players spend stamina to send Mari deeper into a level, at which point an event may trigger, with the heroine finding items or getting attacked.

Combat is turn-based. Mari fights alone using various abilities, while taking care of her health and EP. The latter works similarly to the base health bar, but is affected mostly by opponents tearing off Mari’s clothes, or binding and raping her mid-battle.

Outside of the game’s mission system, players can travel to various locations throughout the world to interact with its inhabitants. While at the base, Mari can also spend experience earned from combat to improve rise her stats or learn new skills.

The World's Egg - For Those Who Dream is now available on Steam and Kagura Games for the promotional price of $10.39 until April 12th, at which point it will cost $12.99. Adult content for the Steam version has to be installed using a patch available on the publisher's website.

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