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Cohabitation simulator The Runaway Girl and Me Now Available on DLsite

The Runaway Girl and Me, a slice-of-life simulator by level1, is now available on DLsite.

The Runaway Girl and Me is a slice-of-life simulator in which the protagonist accepts a lost girl into his home. The new life between him and Natsuho starts off slowly, as they’re both confused about her situation. The player’s task is to manage the protagonist’s daily life, as he slowly grows to understand his new guest.

The game uses a time management system, allowing players to choose various activities to focus on during the day. Money is needed for rent, and to purchase various items and unlocks. As such, players will have to spend much of their time working. Doing so will lead to story events and may lead to more money becoming available over time. During the weekends, the protagonist can spend his spare time with Natsuho, taking her out on dates.

Each romantic experience will make them grow closer together, with the two of them soon becoming an intimate pair. Each erotic experience raises Nasuho’s expertise and curiosity, unlocking new options and fetishes over time. Most of Natsuho’s stats can be tracked, including her current level of trust, health, mood, gloom, and basic life skills.

The Runaway Girl and Me features interactive sex scenes involving standard ‘touch and feel’ mechanics, spiced up with basic animation and additional cut-ins. The heroine is also voiced in Japanese during erotic scenes.

My life has just started together with this runaway girl.

She's naturally rather closed-off and suspicious of me at first,

but as we communicate and spend more time together, she comes to open up to me.

Living costs money, so you'll need to work in order to save some money to fully enjoy your new cohabitation life.

Complete goals to trigger events, and progress the story.

Along the way, you might find better ways of making money, too.

Main H scenes feature real-time control with animation cut-ins. You can do multiple actions at the same time.

H scenes are fully-voiced, though the game itself is only partially voiced.

Background voices are included as well.Hear the heroine's sleeping breaths, intense moans, and exhausted panting depending on the situation.

Some positions also allow for costume choice. Ripped stockings, half-stripped panties, blindfolds...the options are plentiful!

There are also some traditional H scenes that proceed in visual novel game style with the text progression.

The Runaway Girl and Me is now available on DLsite for the promotional price of $16.36 (estimated from ¥2,475) until April 25th, which will cost $18.18 (¥2,750). A demo is available on the store page.

You may have to configure your system to a Japanese locale to ensure the game installs and plays properly. DLsite offers a handy guide on how to do so, available here.

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