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Colony City 27λ, a sci-fi card game roguelike by Bunny Eats Tiger, has been published by PlayMeow Games on Steam.

Colony City 27λ is a science fiction roguelike that follows the efforts of Youzi, an employee of the Universal Security bureau. The capable female agent has been doing her best not for the sake of her career, but for her boyfriend, the team’s captain. She’s been saving herself for marriage, hopeful that once her boyfriend secures his promotion, the two of them can finally marry; however, every time she embarks on a mission, her romantic dreams and faith are constantly put to the test.

This time, Youzi is tasked with a solo investigation on a dangerous space colony. The hellhole is filled with the likes of gangsters and drunks, abusive tentacled aliens, as well as maliciously designed robots. Should any of them grab hold of Youzi, she will end up becoming their plaything. The game’s four endings depend on how much humiliation she faces throughout her ordeal.

Colony City 27λ is made up of narrative cutscenes and card-based combat encounters. Players pick events from a randomized map, which provides hints to the danger and importance of the missions through different symbols, though players won't be able predict the exact type of enemy they will face.

In battle, Youzi draws a hand of five cards, featuring suits that represent attacking, shielding, and healing. The cards are played onto a linear track, activating their effects at the cost of an energy point. By default, Youzi has three points of energy to use per turn, after which she discards her cards, passing the initiative onto the enemy.

Strategy comes in the form of skills. Youzi has access to passive abilities modifying her mechanics at all times, as well as active and consumable skills. Active abilities trigger based on the order of suits placed into the action bar; for instance, having a healing and a shield suit next to each other activates a skill that boosts Youzi’s healing. With enough space on the action bar, multiple instances of an active skill can be in effect at once, stacking their effects. For consumable abilities, the suits instead have to be taken off the bar.

Before their action, the enemy will display a symbol for their prepared skill, alongside its damage value. Players can plan ahead by storing consumable skills for later use or by playing cards into middle slots of their action bar, changing which active skills are in effect. If players fail to protect Youzi, she will be grabbed by the enemy, triggering an animated rape scene that plays out in the battle window. Running out of HP entirely leads to further erotic scenes and increases the heroine’s corruption, changing the game's ending.

Colony City 27λ is now available on Steam for the promotional price of $9.89 until April 2nd, at which point it will cost $10.99.

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