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Kagura Games has published Inusuku’s slice of life eroge, Living With Sister: Monochrome Fantasy, on Steam.

Living With Sister: Monochrome Fantasy is a fantasy RPG where you can enjoy village life with your sick little sister. You play as a big brother who always had dreams of being an adventurer, but when his father went off on an adventure, he had to stay home to watch over his little sister. Even though he couldn’t do what he wanted right away, just being with her made everyday exciting. For now, he is focused on training, doing odd jobs for the villagers, entering tournaments with his friends, and going on adventures with his little sister.

Spend time however you like, whether that be working in town, fighting monsters or other adventurers, training, or just exploring the town. You can spend time bonding with your sister and develop your relationship into something more intimate. Sneakily forage through her panties or play with her body at night. If you prefer a more straightforward approach, you can bathe or go on trips together.

Each day, you will be training to increase your guild reputation and improve your stats. If you hone your skills well, you will get enough work and money to support your sister. With enough effort, maybe you can find a cure for her illness.

Hand-Drawn Monochrome Art

Though it may lack color, this game's world is anything but colorless! The stunning black-and-white art is chock-full of personality and is sure to leave you with plenty of marvelous monochrome memories!

Unique Combat System

With tons of bizarre and ferocious monsters to fight and dozens of unique skills to unlock, your adventures are sure to be full of challenge and excitement!

Charming Characters

Build up your relationships with your guildmates and your sister to learn about what makes them tick and unlock character-specific abilities to further assist you in your quest to become the top guild in the country

You can purchase Living With Sister: Monochrome Fantasy on sale from Steam and Kagura Games for $10.39. After April 5th, the sale will end and the game will return to its original sales price of $12.99. If you do plan on getting the game from Steam, make sure to download the free patch from Kagura Games.

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