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Special Operations Unit - SIGNAL FORCES, a super sentai RPG by ankoku marimokan, has been published by Mango Party on Steam.

Special Operations Unit - SIGNAL FORCES is a crime-fighting dungeon crawler. An evil organization named GangDead began creating super criminals through body modifications. As a means of fighting fire with fire, the government created SIGNAL, a secretive special force of especially well-equipped crime fighters made solely to push back against GangDead.

The team consists of the boisterous Akane Akagi, sporty tomboy Mika Myogisan, and the sisterly Aoi Haruna. Players control the trio on various missions in their battle against GangDead. Each stage consists of a small, combat-heavy maze. Players are sometimes required to solve a puzzle within, and can even explore it to gather additional loot until they feel ready to challenge the next boss.

Combat is a traditional turn-based affair, with the three heroines using various spells and skills to fight against groups of GangDead members. Taking damage ruins their clothing and may lead to gang members assaulting them in the midst of combat. Even worse fate awaits the group if they’re defeated in battle completely.

Special Operations Unit - SIGNAL FORCES features 26 CGs and 12 battle rape animations. While a large portion of the erotic content is awarded for losing at specific stages, players can unlock the entire gallery in one swoop by beating the final boss.

■ Story

The year is 20XX. Public peace and order is deteriorating rapidly due to the rise of a gang of evil, modified criminals known as the GangDead.

To combat this, the government and local authorities secretly created SIGNAL, a special mobile anti-crime task force. This is the story of SIGNAL and their fight against the ever-encroaching evil of the GangDead.

■ Experience a sentai-themed defeat and violation RPG!

Control three unique heroines and engage in a party battle RPG to defeat the modified criminals. Find the optimal route through each map to reach the boss with minimal damage.

■ Watch your character's outfit deteriorate as the battle intensifies!

As your armor is destroyed, the heroines will become fully naked, triggering H-animations during battle! Rescue them with the help of other party members!

■ Rescue captured party members!

Stay "updated" on the status of your captured teammates as you launch a desperate rescue mission!

■ Don't miss a single H-scene or forget a memorable battle!

Gain an option to unlock all events and a bonus save file with all H-scenes after you clear the game! Use Free Battle mode to try out your favorite party lineup!

■ Tons of hardcore uncensored H-content

Enjoy 26 base CGs with hundreds of variations and 12 different types of lewd battle animations. Tags for this game include gangbang, tentacles, huge cocks, machine sex, public humiliation, pregnancy, birth, crucifixion, brainwashing, belly punching, naked prostration, milking, and body modification. All mosaic censors have also been removed!

Special Operations Unit - SIGNAL FORCES is now available on Steam for the promotional price of $8.09 until April 4th, at which point it will cost $8.99.

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