Sony Ponys and Xboners together at last

Male Doll is currently developing Doll Defenders, an action wave defense game centered around loving men.

Doll Defenders is a title that doesn’t take itself too seriously — it’s a wave defense game about rescuing and caressing manly hunks, with a comedic tone and a hand-waved plot. The story simply involves the player dying, after which they were transported to a fantastical world of hunky men. They then depart on a quest to slay monsters and rescue any entrapped hunks they come across.

Each of the game’s levels feature a statue, which needs protection from monsters rushing in from outside the screen. Players come equipped with one of 12 weapons, varying from swords and hammers to boomerangs and miniguns. Killing monsters earns the player money to unlock new toys for future runs, while defeating an entire wave grants a chance at restorative items from reward chests. Each of the 15 levels features a distinct set of monsters for a total of 78 waves to fight through, divided among 3 worlds, each with an especially challenging boss at the end.

Doll Defenders maintains a casual and upbeat tone. Every few levels, players will come across one of eight heroes needing rescue. Those familiar with Male Doll’s other games will recognize them as cameos from the team’s other titles. Each rescued hunk comes with a nude CG of themselves, immediately unlocking them in the game’s gallery.

Doll Defenders is an action tower defense game in the Male Doll multiverse where you must protect the sacred statue from monsters, all while saving heroes you find on the way to the final boss. Prepare for a comedy game full of memes and pop culture references, as well as a fun and unique gameplay mechanic to introduce players to the cast.

- 3 different worlds with 15 levels and 78 waves to fight!

- 3 bosses to defeat!

- 8 characters to save!

- 12 different weapons to fit your playstyle!

The public demo for Doll Defenders is available on the game’s page. A future Steam release for the title is planned as well.

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