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HIHOU NO KAKERA -Treasure Fragment-, EUPHORIC!'s side-scrolling action game, is now available on DLsite.

HIHOU NO KAKERA -Treasure Fragment- is an 2D action game, in which a furry heroine must rescue the princess and treasures to restore peace to the kingdom. The story takes place in a kingdom of beastmen, wherein hidden treasures are able to keep them from going into heat and losing all reason. If these treasures were to fall into the wrong hands, all beastmen would devolve back into animals that could only think about mating. When the Demon King stole the treasures and captured the princess, many beastmen succumbed to their carnal instincts — except for Mina, a girl with treasure fragments attached to her gloves.

While playing as Mina, players must retrieve the treasures and save the princess to restore peace to the kingdom. Gameplay involves defeating any enemies that stand in your way and avoid taking too much damage. As Mina's life points decrease, her clothes will get torn off; if she takes too much damage, the treasure fragment will lose power and she will become vulnerable to enemies. You will be able to struggle out of the enemy’s grasp, but once your health runs out, you will receive a game over with an H-scene. According to the developer, the game has twenty-nine game over animations and around two hours worth of playable content.

Game description.

This is a 2D action game for adults.

As your life points decrease, your clothes come off and you are left defenceless as you are subjected to H-bondage attacks from the enemies that attack you!

You can play with simple controls such as jumping, attacking and crouching.

The game is fully equipped with H-motions for all enemy characters in the game.

The characters move smoothly with animations made by Sprite Studio (60FPS version). (More clear in the 60FPS version).

The game over will play an H game over animation, which will be played if the enemy has a dedicated Hanime.

Depending on how good you are at action games, it may take you between one and two hours to complete the game.

You can purchase HIHOU NO KAKERA -Treasure Fragment- on sale from DLsite for 1,485¥ ($9.81). After April 15th, the sale will end and the game will return to its original sales price of 1,650¥ ($10.90).

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