If you build it, they will cum

The PC and Android versions of Succubus Girl, Playmeow's the SCP-raising simulator, have been published on DLsite.

We previously wrote an article about Succubus Girl when it was first released uncensored on Steam. Players assume the role of Leo, a researcher who was hired by Abel Biotechnology Company to monitor and care for an unknown creature. While something about the organization sounded shady, he would be paid handsomely for the work. On his first day, he was made to take a red pill before entering a greenhouse where the creature resided.

The creature appeared to be a beautiful naked girl with wings attached to her lower back. Leo was told that he had to feed her semen once in a while to keep her healthy, but what began as casual feedings gradually escalated into different forms of play, such as cosplay, bondage, and S&M. Not only would these interactions become part of their everyday routine, but every night, Leo would start to have the same recurring dreams. It becomes unclear whether this research is related to something from his past — or in his subconscious.

Succubus Girl features exploration and puzzle aspects, in which players determine how to proceed in the story. Leo can go to different areas to listen to and observe his surroundings. Leo can either focus on taking care of the succubus creature and develop his relationship with her, or search for clues and solve the mysteries behind the facility that he work for. Some options will make her love Leo, while others will lead him closer to the truth.

Gameplay Instructions

A simulation game full of exploration and puzzle elements.

The player takes on the role of Leo, a researcher who takes care of the succubus girl in the institute.

You can try to develop a relationship with the innocent girl and feed her with plenty of love.

Or try to solve the mysteries of the facility...

Remember, there are many truths in this world--and they are often cruel and heartbreakingly beautiful.

Game Features

- 34 basic CGs, including more than 350 differentials and 4 motion CGs

- Game text: 100,000

- One main female character and four secondary female characters

- SCP Foundation theme, Cthulhu-style game

- Group sex, tentacles, and gory contents included

- Game endings: 14 types (including a true ending)

You can purchase the PC and Android version of Succubus Girl on DLsite for 1,760 ¥ ($11.62). There is also a demo available if you would like to try the game for yourself.

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