...the fuck?

Cicada_Dancing has published Not Alone in the Space, a science fiction eroge, on Steam.

Not Alone in Space is a visual novel where three brave souls will have their minds toyed with by an unknown creature in the depths of space. The game is set in the distant future where mankind has started to explore space to search for other intelligent civilizations on other planets. So far, their attempts have ended in failure, but they still continue their expeditions as a sort of formality.

When Avis, the pilot and head of the expedition, received an uncharted signal, he and two female companions, Ruby the engineer and Normie the scientist, decide to discover where it originated from. Instead of uncovering a new civilization, they have found an unfathomable creature that forces them to the brink of madness. This creature is able to dig deep into a human’s thoughts and take advantage of their weaknesses and desires. The crew is trapped on the ship as this entity plays with them until it is satisfied. Can they escape the ship, negotiate with the creature, or find another way to end the madness?

Game Features:

Emotional Journey: Deep emotions and complex character relationships fill the compelling story.

Unique Characters: Each character has a unique personality, adding depth to the story.

Atmospheric soundtrack: The sound background and music create a mood, immersing you in the atmosphere of the story.

Unexpected twists and turns: The game promises exciting plot twists, keeping players interested.

Deep emotional experience: Not Alone in the Space reveals human feelings, creating an inspiring and heartfelt story.

You can purchase Not Alone in the Space on sale from Steam for $5.09. After March 28th, the sale will end and the game will return to its original sales price of $5.99.

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