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Kotoko's a Little Weird by Shinachiku-castella has been published by Kagura Games on Steam and their own storefront.

Kotoko's a Little Weird, as she deals with the frustrations of her daily life by letting older men ogle her body. The heroine has been stressed lately, but being the center of attention of lonely men during her everyday commute provides her the joy needed to stay motivated.

Throughout the adventure game, players will guide Kotoko on her daily routes through the city, with the heroine taking increasing interest in the approaches various men make on her. It’s up to the player who she decides to fall for. Each sexual experience makes Kotoko even bolder, until she becomes utterly shameless.

Potential partners for her include the homeless, a janitor, lonely foreign students, as well as older men and molesters. The sex scenes are made consensual by Kotoko’s slutty personality, as she gives in to her urges.

There are no combat or puzzle sections in the game. Kotoko's a Little Weird is purely an exploratory adventure, both in terms of traversing the map and discovering the ways Kotoko’s perverse personality may develop. The game features multiple story routes dependent on whom the player gives her virginity to and what choices are made following that decision.

Kotoko's a Little Weird is now available on Steam and Kagura for $9.99. Adult content for the Steam version has to be installed using a patch found on the publisher’s website.

In the past, the game released on DLsite under the name Kotoko is a Little “Different,” where it remains available. The DLsite version is currently on sale for $6.10 USD (estimated from ¥924) until March 31st, at which point it will cost $8.71 USD (estimated from ¥1,320).

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