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House of Lust, a casual survival horror game by FrozenLettuce, has been published on Steam by Shady Corner Games.

House of Lust begins with a young man taking shelter in an abandoned mansion. Immediately after setting foot inside, the main door locks behind the protagonist, trapping him in the mansion. As he explores the building in search of another way out, he finds himself surrounded by erotic decorum and unsettling notes, before inevitably coming face-to-face with a lustful monster.

The player’s job throughout House of Lust is to explore the mansion, searching for keys and hints about where they can be used. The protagonist can only run and hide from the various monster girls occupying the mansion. Each monster will molest the protagonist if she can catch him. Players can hide inside nearby closets to avoid the monster girls, after which the easily distracted monster girls will soon lose track of them. Escapes have to be done swiftly, as the protagonist’s stamina is limited, with excessive running forcing him to stop and catch his breath.

House of Lust offers around three hours of content, featuring multiple animated pixel art sex scenes. Additional in-game settings can make the game’s atmosphere less unsettling, making it easier to play for those who dislike horror.

You wander into a mysterious mansion in the woods. A haunted house where sexy monsters roam...was being lost in the forest just the start of your troubles?

Explore the dark and forgotten mansion in search of clues and survive the bizzare and sexy adventure. With classic pixel graphics and a dark atmosphere of classic Japanese horror games.

Reject temptation and escape the mansion!!! However, if you are even slightly attracted to breasts...your

strenght will be drained leaving you open for attack. Will you use your brains and solve the puzzles and live another day? Or let your heart take control of your body and fall for sexy monster girls!

-Meet many monsters with massive breasts out to steal your soul. Meet ghost girls, slime girls and ghost girls!

-Many lewd objects decorate the halls that you can 'enjoy'.

-2-3 hours of big breasted gametime!

-Puzzles galore! Clocktower inspired gameplay with puzzles that pay tribute to games such as Resident Evil!

-Footjobs, handjobs, cowgirl and more! Many sexy animations to keep you in the mansion!

-Dont like horror games? Settings in game help to remove the atmosphere so you can focus on what really matters!

House of Lust is now available on Steam for the promotional price of $10.79 until March 27th, at which point it will cost $11.99. A demo of the game is also available on the store page.

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