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CTStudio has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Ashes of War, a romantic sci-fi war drama featuring tactical battles.

CTStudio is a single developer’s attempt to create a large-scale visual novel. Their project, Ashes of War, will see players take care of a rogue star vessel in a war-torn galaxy. Players will get to travel through sectors, romance capable staff, and manage tactical space battles between ship armadas as they try to find peace and safety in times devoid of it.

Players assume the role of a spaceship captain who graduated at the top of his class, only to be assigned to a lowly fleet under the direct control of incompetent fools. After years of losing his men due to the faulty decisions of his superiors, the captain decides to stage a revolt. He first ensures that his ship is manned by dissidents and potential betrayers and then declares the crew renegade, fleeing an ongoing battle.

Ashes of War features two main gameplay modes: a visual novel military drama and a tactics combat system, featuring spaceship armadas. Combat is optional, but those who engage with it will find themselves controlling a fleet of ships with unique skills and characteristics, battling enemies on a hexagonal grid populated by enemies and environmental effects.

In the visual novel portion, the crew finds itself traitors to the Union of the Free Systems. Despite battling the Kingdom's Alliance for most of their lives, nobody onboard knows about their past enemy. At the same time, having to hide in remote star systems, they’re surrounded by outlaws. Under these uneasy circumstances, the group tries to find a way to live and support their ship. Many members of the crew soon become the captain’s close friends, including a tomboy mechanic, a stern combat officer, a snarky smuggler, and a sporty engineer.

Work on Ashes of War began in 2022 and takes big inspiration from the Sunrider series. CTStudios has experience working as a project manager for various game development studios in France and Japan. This has allowed him to produce a sizeable demo for the game over the past two years. Despite this, the developer finds his production skills limited, especially in regards to coding. The goal of the Kickstarter is to finance further assistance from freelance development teams.

To reach his base goals, CTStudios needs to collect $22,826 (estimated from €21,000). There are also stretch goals in the event that the campaign surpasses expectations. These include additional RPG elements, an expanded assortment of CGs, and other graphics assets, as well as partial or full voice acting.

By crowdfunding the project, supporters can expect to find their name in the credits ($6), access to game assets ($11), a Steam code upon release ($17), and more. The campaign features even physical rewards, including keychains, stickers, and 3D-printed figurines.

You can check out the crowdfunding campaign on Ashes of War on Kickstarter, where you’ll also find the demo.

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