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L H, also known as Quiquersson, is developing slice of life dating sim WelCUM to The City.

WelCUM to The City is a casual, lighthearted slice of life dating sim with sandbox elements. Players take the role of a young man who's lost his father. This forces him to move to his stepmother’s house, where he used to live. The young man catches up with her, his stepsister, his cousin, and his female childhood friend, as he begins a new life.

The game is a slice of life adventure playing out over a daily schedule. In the current build, the player is given a list of key events for each day, in which they have to partake. In-between their tasks, players can freely explore a handful of locations, either spending time with the heroines or bolstering their personal stats through training. These can make certain tasks easier, though the most demanding scenes, such as occasional scuffles or lovemaking, play out through minigames, making skill a potential substitute for raw numbers.

Each heroine has her own stats tracking their love for the player, as well as their romantic or lustful interest. These stats are influenced by the player’s actions and the individual girl’s preferences for various types of behaviors. Interestingly, the characters aren’t locked into being the player’s step-family or cousins, as names and relations can be customized to any term.

Adult scenes are related to main events and, at least for now, cannot be missed. WelCUM to The City features a mix of CGs and animated encounters, using hand-drawn loops to enhance the experience. The developer plans to hit an exact balance between romance, eroticism, comedic and sensual content, as well as feature a decent amount of free roam mechanics, including a job system. The game is planned to stay purely upbeat in nature with solely consensual themes and no NTR or cheating plotlines. It will maintain a comedic artstyle and allow players to build a harem.

The latest free demo of WelCUM to The City is now available for PC, Mac and Android on Itch.io. Those interested can support its development on Luiz Henrique’s Patreon. Doing so will allow them to access alternate versions of artworks, vote in polls, access content a little bit early and get named in the credits.

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