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ABALONEKISS has published Jabara Princess, a hardcore corruption game, on Steam.

Jabara Princess, also known as Wicked Princessemination ~Flesh Scale of Madness~, is a fantasy adventure where two princess knight sisters are corrupted and humiliated to the point of transformation. The princess knights of Sanumaku Kingdom, Sheeda and Cheryl, are called to handle some violent monsters near the border, but little did they know, it was a trap made by Graniso and his group of demons. Graniso captured the princesses to turn them into “jabarahime” by defiling and raping their bodies.

Sheeda and Cheryl are placed on flesh scales that progressively tip depending on the degree of corruption. As they continue to cling to their pride and try to protect each other, Graniso and his gang of demons will tear apart their hearts, break their minds, and degrade their bodies to the point of either becoming a lustful demons or an objects whose only purpose is to birth demons. Your decisions will decide what the sisters turn into.

■Shida sanumaku

The second princess of kingdom "sanumaku."

I excelled in military arts by nature and became the knight as the sword of the kingdom while having the social position as the princess.

I gather up the Knights Hospitalers only of a rowdy person, and, as for a lot of people attracted by the figure which leads it by oneself, and commands it, it is called themselves "a princess knight" before long by the aristocracy as the knight and the cuteness as the princess.

On the other hand, that is quite ignorant about the administration, and run around from civil officers recommending study; ......

■Cheryl sanumaku

The third princess of kingdom "sanumaku."

I am known as "Miki of the white light" indicating the devotion to the kingdom with intelligence and the good looks that a kind is rare.

I longed for the knight who is the sword of the kingdom, but a body gives it up weakly since childhood.

I respect a cedar playing an active part as a princess knight in contrast with oneself such deeply and love it.

Join the subjugation of the cedar this time, but ......


The devil family which invaded this world accidentally from the dimensional interval.

With a goblin, a different family including トロル, I am cutting the domain of the person group in irresistible force.

I plan to create the mothers who dredge the imperial family, and become the devil group by own power or give birth to a devil group.

You can purchase Jabara Princess on sale from Steam for $12.79. After March 28, the sale will end and the game will return to its original price of $15.99.

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