Sony Ponys and Xboners together at last

Girl And Chainsaw, Mistilteinn’s zombie action game, has been published by Medibang on Steam, JAST USA, and Denpasoft.

Girl And Chainsaw is a third-person action adventure set during a zombie apocalypse. In the city of Mistilteinn, zombies have suddenly started appearing and attacking civilians due to a viral outbreak. The city was placed under lockdown, subsequently rendering transportation, obtaining supplies, and even communication difficult. Many people were able to escape, but those who remained were either infected and became zombies or otherwise died from starvation.

On the outskirts of the city, the game's heroine, Hime Amano, has barricaded herself inside Shukugi Academy. One day, as she was thinking about making money by leaking inside footage Mistilteinn city online, she hears a loud crash. A car had slammed into the school and destroyed her barricade, letting the zombies in. Since the school is no longer safe, Hime takes up her trusty chainsaw and starts tearing her way through the undead masses.

In this B-movie style eroge, players will be running through the halls of Shukigi Academy to find a way out. Numerous zombies are hunting Hime down, though if they grab onto her, players can still shake free of them. Hime wasn’t the only one hiding in the school, either: Sasakawa Iyo, the honor student, and Lunaria, a mysterious foreigner who knows a lot about the epidemic — have also gathered here. These two will be joining Hime on her blood-soaked adventure to escape from the school.


A world after a zombie pandemic disaster.

An exhilarating 3D action game set in a city that has been sealed off, where Gals use chainsaws to outmaneuver zombies!

A third-person 3D action game with an emphasis on control and exhilaration, this is a B-movie style game where you use a chainsaw to beat zombies and other creatures while splattering blood!

Walk around and explore the school freely and try to escape the city, which is your goal.

You can purchase Girl And Chainsaw from JAST USA and Steam for $14.99 and on sale from Denpasoft for $13.49.

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