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JAST USA will be publishing Jellyfish’s slice of life visual novel, Sisters: Last Day of Summer, on their storefront.

Sisters: Last Day of Summer is a fully voiced and animated visual novel. The story follows a boy who suddenly woke up in an unfamiliar house surrounded by greenery. A mother and her two daughters live within the home and, even though he was a stranger to them, the family welcomed him. The boy spent his days in that house getting to know his new family.

Akiko Kamimura, the mother, has the appearance of a cool woman, but she is actually really clumsy. Her beautiful daughters, Haruka and Chika, differ in personality. The oldest daughter Haruka is responsible for cooking and enjoys music while the youngest one, Chika, likes sports and wants to be seen as mature. His life with them is simple and enjoyable — a life that he isn’t accustomed to — but there is a secret behind this peaceful home. He will have to learn more about the Kamimura family to uncover the truth.

###Meet the Kamimura Family

With a clumsy mother like Akiko and her kind daughters Haruka and Chika, your new daily life will be different from what you were used to. Spend time and learn more about your new family, forming a unique and heartwarming bond.

###Fully Animated Visual Novel

Featuring fully voiced and animated scenes, feel each character's personality and intentions more vividly and naturally as you dive into the story. Each scene was carefully thought out and created to keep you hooked from the very first moment you start your new life.

Sisters: Last Day of Summer is set to release on June 3rd. You can pre-order the game on JAST USA for $22.49. It will also be released on Steam on the same date.

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