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Guardians of Eden, a monster girl-themed tower defense by Black Cat Entertainment, has been published by Mango Party on Steam.

Guardians of Eden is a fantasy tower defense about seven monster girls valiantly protecting humanity. In the past, the wars between demons and their divine counterparts ended with much of the world becoming a wasteland. To protect the last bastion of humanity, seven Valkyries descended upon the human realm, offering their protection.

In exchange, humans have to appoint a priest to take care of the Valkyries so that they may perform their duties. Each priest only lasts for about a decade, given the plethora of demanding needs the Valkyries have. The story’s protagonist takes the mantle of the next caretaker, tasked with both helping the girls strategize their defenses and keeping them entertained after the battles.

Guardians of Eden follows the formula of a standard tower defense title, in which players can deploy the Valkyries on a field along a path the enemies travel. The heroine will automatically attack any creatures in their range, generating resources that can be used to strengthen them further. Between battles, players may grant the heroines gifts and offerings, further increasing their power and unlocking new erotic services. The game's main cast includes a demon, kitsune, dragon, owlette, mermaid, elf, and goblin girls.

Long, long ago, a devastating war between the Divines and the Demons turned most of the world into wastelands. Fortunately, a group of beautiful and kind Valkyries stepped in to protect humanity's last refuge, ""Eden"". In exchange, the church had to send priests to tend to the Valkyries' needs, providing them with food, shelter, and any services they required. This was supposed to be an honorable duty, but strangely, priests taking care of the Valkyries seemed to always pass away within ten years... And now, you are the next chosen priest!

"Guardians of Eden" is a tower defense cultivation game where you must serve the Valkyries and fullfill their physical, mental, and spiritual needs. Additionally, you need to showcase your strategic skills in battles by placing the Valkyries in the right combat positions and allocating resources to strengthen them to successfully complete levels.

Seven unique and beautiful Valkyries, each with their own characteristics!

Exquisite and diverse character designs, animations, and voice acting!

Obtain food and items through battles to enhance the Valkyries' divine powers!

Defeat evil forces and utilize the energy left by enemies to empower the Valkyries!

Guardians of Eden is now available on Steam for the promotional price of $9.89 until March 21st, at which point it will cost $10.99.

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