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ShiroKuroSoft’s RPG Maker Adventure Princess Quest Is Available on Steam and Denpasoft

Sekai Project has published Princess Quest, a RPG about a princess taking back her country, on Denpasoft and Steam.

Princess Quest is a turn-based RPG where you complete quests and recruit allies. In the game, Princess Lilia was meant to be the next heir to the throne of the Guiland Empire, but a rebellion led by Grand Minister Gordeau has thrown her life into chaos. Before Gordeau’s group could seize Guilbern Castle, Lilia’s maid Anna helped Lilia escape through a transportation circle. In order to take back her country and rightful place on the throne, she will need the help of eight noblemen, but they aren’t easily swayed by her pleas.

Princess Lilia needs to get the noblemens' signatures to secure their cooperation, but they aren’t willing to help her unless she completes all of their requests. Some of these quests happen to include monster hunting and collecting items from dungeons. Before you enter the dungeons, you will need to recruit mercenaries to join you on your excursion. NPCs that you recruit can include characters from ShiroKuroSoft’s previous games, Revival Quest and Alisa Quest.

Join Princess Lilia in her adventure to take back her country in this old school RPG!


After returning to Guilebern Castle, Princess Lilia, heir to the throne of the Guileland Empire, is awoken to discover an insurrection lead by Grand Minister Gordeau’s faction. With the help of her maid, Anna, Lilia escapes with just the clothes on her back. Determined to retake the capital and her country, Lilia must seek cooperation from the nobles. However, the proposition that the nobles hand back to her is that she must do everything in her power to carry out their requests…

Will she be able to clear the multitude of quests and return safely to her castle?


- Old school, turn-based RPG combat

- Seek supporters and complete quests to retake the Guilebern throne

- Recruit NPCs including characters from Revival Quest and Alisa Quest to aid you in your journey

- English, Japanese and Simplified Chinese language option

You can purchase Princess Quest on sale for $12.59 from Denpasoft and Steam. After March 22nd, the sale on Steam will end and the game will return to its original sales price of $13.99. If you plan to buy the game on Steam, don’t forget to download the free 18+ DLC from Denpasoft.

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