If it's a hole, it's a goal.

Playmeow Games has published EXAMGAMES’ cohabitation eroge, Succubus Life, on Steam.

Succubus Life is a life sim where you where you’ll be living with the cute and ever-thirsty succubus, Noel. You first met her one night when she was trying to steal your sperm and, after that, the two of you decided to live together as roommates. While living together, you will be working to buy clothes and stat boosting items.

You and Noel have different stats that you will need to manage separately. You only have an energy and stamina gauge that will decrease when you work a part-time job. Noel has three gauges: fullness, enthusiasm, and mood. Keep her from going hungry by giving her sweets or semen. To turn her on, you can buy her erotic manga and you can make her happy by giving her plushies.

How you spend time with Noel is completely up to you. If you talk with and have sex with her, you will be able to increase her affection levels, which will determine what ending you receive. The game has four-to-five hours worth of gameplay, twenty-two basic CGs, and five animated CGs. Six of the H-scenes can only be unlocked when you purchase a costume from the store.

◆Game Features

◇ Role-Playing with Costume Changes

Get ready to enjoy various role-play scenes with a wide variety of costumes you can purchase with your hard-earned money! Anticipate:

・ Noel in her seductive swimsuit

・ Gothic Lolita outfits

・ Maid costumes

...and more! Dress her up in your favourite outfits for the most exciting moments of passion! There are a total of 7 costumes waiting for you to collect!

◇ Basic CG: 22 varieties

◇ Animated CG: 5 varieties

Every corner of your home becomes a playground for passion during cohabitation!

Living with a succubus is truly a thrilling experience!

You can indulge your desires anytime, anywhere, without constraints, following your heart's desires!

After H events, the intimacy level rises, and Noel's satisfaction increases as well. If you continuously keep Noel hungry, you might just be attacked (one-way, consensual H events )!

You can purchase Succubus Life on sale from Steam for $8.99. After March 20, the sale will end and the game will return to its original sales price of $9.99.

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