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I Became a Femboy to Date One Now Available on Steam and

I Became a Femboy to Date One, Owlyboi's short kinetic visual novel, has been published on Steam and

I Became a Femboy to Date One is an eroge by the femboy and futanari-centric developer, owlyboi, who has worked on titles such as My VALENTINE is a FEMBOY and My Futanari Stepmom Impregnated Me. The game has around an 8k word count and H-scenes that predominantly feature femboys.

The game starts out with you, as the protagonist, going out shopping for groceries, when you run into the cutest girl you've ever seen. It feels like love at first sight, to the point that you must get to know her. After introducing yourself, you learn that her name is Kady and that she was actually a femboy — but that revelation didn’t deter you. Upon trying to ask him out, Kady revealed that he isn’t into you and that he only dates girls or feminine guys. Rather than being disappointed or moving on, you instead decide to be proactive by becoming a femboy that Kady would like.

Male on Femboy

One day you randomly happen upon the most beautiful person you have ever seen. As it turns out, he's a femboy. You fall head over heels--the only thing is, he only dates femboys... 😜

Read through an exciting story as well as some pretty raunchy(erotic) dialogue, accompanied by spicy nude depictions.


- Kinetic Visual Novel

- H-Scenes

- ~8K words

Immerse yourself in the story by typing in your own name, then proceeding to read through a raunchy story from the first-person perspective.

You can purchase I Became a Femboy to Date One for $1.00 on and on sale for $0.66 on Steam. After March 8th, the sale will end and the game will return to its original sales price.

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