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Order Us!, a romance visual novel by Argent, is now available for purchase on

Order Us! is a romance visual novel about a young man with lofty dreams to establish an erotic café stylized after the 1960s. He envisions a place where people can order meals or pay extra to get the attention of a server dressed as a particular product instead. For all his hard work making these dreams a reality, he’s only managed to find two women willing to work for him — and neither one is experienced.

Peaches is a lively girl who loves to annoy people and doesn’t like taking orders. Meanwhile, Mocha is awkward, naïve, and a bit too shy for her role. To make sure his business works out, the protagonist has to spend some time with the two girls, get to know them better and teach them about the service before the café launches.

In retro-era Europe, a small café has a lot more than baking going on behind the curtains. The staff is made up exclusively of adorable girls dressed like menu items! The listed prices seem ludicrously expensive to any newcomers, appearing to cost several hundred times what one would expect. Yet the regulars argue that these rates are the best in town. At least, that’s what your dreams look like. In reality, the grand opening is two weeks away and you’ve managed to hire only two service girls, neither of which are capable of caring for the customers!

Peaches A promiscuous trickster who loves to play games and push buttons. Peaches has no respect for authority and regularly disregards your wishes. Her lack of subtlety in front of the customers and her necessity to push your buttons could easily rouse suspicion and attract unwanted attention.

Mocha An awkward wallflower in a rush to lose her firsts. Mocha is inexperienced, and not what one would typically expect given her occupation. Her naivety could leave her vulnerable to certain customers and functionally useless as a service girl.

With a set of problems and only two weeks to fix them, you fear that you might not have a single usable employee on opening day. You’ll have to choose which girl to spend your time with, and how to go about addressing their quirks in preparation for opening day. The precedent you set will surely have consequences, not only for the future of the business, but also in establishing what a boss-employee relationship looks like in your establishment. A light-hearted story of intimacy and carnality in a unique historical setting. Please enjoy this heartfelt introduction to the characters and world of Order Us!

Order Us! is now available on for $11.99.

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