Putting the "Joy" back in joystick

ONEONE1’s fantasy RPG Dark Elf Historia is available on Steam, MangaGamer, and Johren.

Dark Elf Histora is a multi-ending RPG by ONEONE1. The heroine, Fornelia, is a dark elf and ex-mercenary for hire that fought in the World War. Once the war was over, she decided to spend the rest of her days traveling the world, looking for a place to die while accepting jobs from town guilds. During a monster hunting job, Fornelia accidentally saves a young man named Ruse from a monster attack. One thing leads to another and the pair start to live together in the Kingdom of Oruc. While this sounds like a pleasant end to their story, this is only the beginning of their life together.

The game has two routes and seven endings. The normal route showcases Fornelia and Ruse living together and her efforts to raise him into being an upstanding young man. It is also possible to make it to the end of this path as a virgin. If you fail too many jobs, you will be sent down the criminal route. Fornelia will become a criminal and be humiliated in numerous ways. Once she released from prison, she is forced to work for the kingdom and do sketchy jobs if she ever wants to be reunited with Ruse. Different events and dungeons will be available to you depending on what route you choose.

The H-scenes featured in the game range from sweet vanilla sex to rough monster fucking. Not only are there H-scenes for Fornelia, but there are some for the NPCs to enjoy. There are seventy-four CGs, scenes, and actions in total.

[A Plethora of Partners for Her First Time]

Her first time can be with humans or monsters.

Whether it’s in a pure and lovey-dovey way or by force, with beings of a different species or as a sacrifice to save someone important, there are tons of ways for her to lose her virginity. Or not—she can make it to the end with her maidenhood intact!

[A Branching Story With Seven Different Endings]

Will you make through the normal “pure love route” with her virginity still in one piece?

Or will you wind up going down the “criminal route” where she becomes a felon for the one she loves and is turned into a cum dumpster?

*Some dungeons and events will not appear depending on the organization she joins like the Rand City Guild (pure love route) or Guiltea's Guild (criminal route).


● A branching story with 7 endings.

● More base CGs than ever before.

● Older Sister x Younger Brother hentai scenes and NTR scenes with and without the main character.

You can purchase Dark Elf Historia on sale for $7.96 from MangaGamer, where it will be $9.95 after the sale price ends, and $7.99 from Steam and Johren. If you plan to buy the game from Steam, don’t forget to download the 18+ DLC Patch. The sale on Steam ends on March 11th and the one on Johren ends on March 10th, at which point the game will return to its usual $9.99 pricing for both.

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