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Fighting Game Nope Nope Nurses Melee Now Available on Steam and JAST USA

Nope Nope Nurses Melee, a fighting game by Sakuken Games, has been published by JAST on Steam and JAST USA.

Nope Nope Nurses Melee is a fighting game spin-off of the Nope Nope Nurses series, featuring an alternate story. Just as with the main series, the game takes place in a hospital infamous for its terrible staff, where young Yamada ends up after breaking both his hands and becoming bedridden. In a cruel twist of fate for everyone involved, Yamada has a disease that gives him horrendous blue balls if he doesn’t orgasm every couple of hours. This puts nurses on duty to relieve him around the clock.

In Nope Nope Nurses Melee, the story follows the disgruntled heroine of the first game, nurse Tachibana. A mysterious coffee shows up at the nurse's station, and after everyone has a sip, they become prone to anger, turning aggressive over even minor details. Tachibana herself becomes so agitated she starts picking fights with other nurses, while she tries to discover who tricked them with the mysterious brew. The nurses she defeats become unusually horny and decide to make use of Yamada to scratch their new itch.

Nope Nope Nurses Melee is a fully fledged fighting game. While the story only follows Tachibana’s rampage, every character is playable in the game's VS mode. Players can string together combos as well as various super moves, powered by stocks of a special gauge filled through landing hits. The game also features an easy mode for those wanting to read through the story, as well as a local two-player versus mode.


It all begins with a mysterious pot of coffee left in the nurses' station.

After drinking it, the nurses all become terribly aggressive, irritated by anything and everything.

Our protagonist, Tachibana, is no exception. While she recognizes that something is wrong, she cannot resist the call of battle!

Meanwhile, the nurses she defeats find themselves still unable to quell their arousal and turn to Yamada to satiate their desires!

Just who is behind all of this madness? Find out for yourself!

Nope Nope Nurses Melee is now available on Steam and JAST USA for $4.99.

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