If it's a hole, it's a goal.

The Sweetest Ring, a netorare comedy by Infidelisoft, is now available on Steam.

The Sweetest Ring begins when a young man boots up a cursed video tape on his new 3D home cinema system. A ghost named Sayako resides within the tape and, as the protagonist watches his show, crawls out of the TV wanting to scare him to death. Assuming it’s just a 3D projection, the man is unshaken, and begins something of a friendship with the ghost girl.

They hang out, Sayako becomes distressed that she’s largely a failure as a ghost. Eventually, she attempts to leave, at which point the protagonist takes advantage of her butt stuck midway through the TV screen. Her first experience with sex leads Sayako to discover porn and pornographic channels on TV, at which point she decides to focus on becoming a porn star instead. From then on, all the protagonist can do is watch his new friend get screwed on all kinds of porn shows.

The Sweetest Ring features eight CG sets and four animations to discover. The visual novel is available on Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

You're a movie fanatic and have just saved up for the newest 3D home cinema system. Booting up you are surprised by the quality of the 3D effect when a cute ghost girl crawls out of the TV, but then you realize that... the ghost woman is actually real?!

The Sweetest Ring is a short linear NTR visual novel about meeting and dating a ghost woman until she discovers there is better dick to be found by crawling back into the very TV she came from and joining the professional porn stars inside!


- 8 CG sets

- 1 sprite with several outfits & variations

- 4 animations

The Sweetest Ring is now available on Steam for $4.99.

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