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Katagiri-san is Cold to Me, a puzzle game by +kaze-t, has received an English AI translation on DLsite.

Katagiri-san is Cold to Me is a puzzle game about an unpopular boy being locked with the school beauty in a mysterious facility. The two of them wake up in a locked room, with a note saying they can’t leave unless they have sex. Since Katagiri isn’t willing to do so with the protagonist, they find an alternate route past the door instead. As they make their way through, they discover a mysterious, fantastical house filled with horrors. As the two soon find out, its residents seem obsessed with Katagiri.

Much of Katagiri-san is Cold to Me involves Katagiri belittling and humiliating the protagonist. The main character is an unkempt and overweight boy, so this kind of treatment isn’t uncommon for him. Katagiri herself is also known for being a harsh and unlikable girl, who looks down on most of her classmates. While she acts like a queen throughout their escape together, the protagonist has plenty of opportunities to try to either get back at her or humiliate her.

Throughout the story, players have to explore various rooms, searching for tools and items needed to open the path forward. Katagiri will often comment on the situation or get herself in provocative positions. The game tracks how much she likes the protagonist based on the player’s choices, though the number tends to fall down more often than not.

Katagiri-san is Cold to Me features a variety of erotic content, most of which consists of Katagiri being abused by various supernatural beings inhabiting the mysterious mansion. The protagonist is left watching from a distance in many such scenes, unable to gain the affection of the heroine.

Katagiri-san is Cold to Me is available on DLsite for $4.36 (estimated from ¥660). Once purchased, you can download the game's newly released English AI translation patch for free.

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