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Elf Discipline Ceremony, a touch game roguelike by Flag shadow, has been published on Steam by 072 Project.

Elf Discipline Ceremony is a simulator roguelike with a fantasy theme. The main character has been kidnapped alongside an elf by a sex cult. Its believers want to free an ancient being, needing to perform erotic rituals to achieve their goals. For that purpose, they force their victims to make love around certain sites of magical power. The protagonist has no other way to escape other than to fulfill their demands.

The game plays out over the seven days the protagonist is captured. There are three heroines to choose from, each with her own backstory and personality. For each of the seven days, the cult will demand the pair to participate in their rituals, providing a handful of sexual positions to choose from. Elf Discipline Ceremony features five erotic scenes, each tied to a simple minigame.

After each performance, the player gains EXP which can be used to improve the protagonist’s stats. This is mandatory to successfully complete the ritual and reach the game’s ending. Improved stats also carry over into subsequent playthroughs, regardless of which heroine is chosen.



Occupation:Novice Adventurer Hailing from East Village,

she yearned for the life of an adventurer and embarked on her journey.

However, shortly after leaving her village, she fell into the trap of

a secret cult and is now imprisoned with you at an unknown altar.




Heailing frome the village of weist,

Lily enjoys her life as the village librarian, buried in her books

and rarely interacting with others.She has a quiet demeanor and has a habit of muttering to herself.

On a fateful day out shopping, she was abducted when passing through an alleyway.

Upon walking up, she found herself at the altar resting beside you.




Beatrice hails from South Village and leads a peaceful life as a florist.

Her lovely appearance and gentle personality have attracted quite many suitors.

However, she lacked interest in romance and chose to enjoy a single life.

On an evening when she prepared to close shop,she was abducted by a group of

strangers and woke up in an alter beside you.

Elf Discipline Ceremony is now available on Steam for the promotional price of $10.99 until March 8th, at which point it will cost $8.24.

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