Putting the "Joy" back in joystick

Future Fragments, a sci-fi action platformer by The Future Fragments Team, has been published by Taboo Toad and Shady Corner Games on Steam.

Future Fragments is a science fantasy action platformer that begins in the past of 1000 AD, in which an alliance of nations set its sight on the kingdom of the greatest sorcerer. As their prospects of winning the war seemed slim, the sorcerer grew desperate and opened a portal to the future of 3000 AD. In this age, a mighty super weapon should lay dormant, divided into fragments. He sends female mages through the portal, offering the role of his personal assistant to whomever brings back the most fragments.

Players control Faye, a witch who travels through the portal only to be besieged by the World Organization for Regulation of the Masses — or WORM. The draconian organization banned all sexual activity to increase productivity among the general populace. Their radical decision resulted in a very desperate, sexually-repressed population, making the future especially dangerous for the heroine.

Future Fragments is an action platformer, featuring 7 bosses, over 25 enemy types, 50 power-ups to mix and match, English voice acting, and over 100 erotic animations and CGs. Players will run through the stages as Faye, platforming over traps and fighting robots and agents of worm using ranged attacks.

As the game progresses, new traversal mechanics get added to the mix, including the likes of freezing projectiles or swapping gravity. The story is rich in lore and features morality mechanics, tracking Faye’s decisions throughout the game. There are 25 endings in the game, with the ending received depending upon the player’s choices and overall performance.

Future Fragments is now available on Steam for $19.99. The team describes the game's current release as a "soft launch". In its current state, certain cutscenes, parts of the voice work and some dialogue options haven’t been fully implemented yet. These discrepancies are expected to be addressed over the next month, after which the game will receive post-launch content updates.

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