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Action Racing Game Karin’s Instruction Now Available on Steam

Karin’s Instruction, 78Games' eroge centered around tank driving, has been released on Steam.

Karin’s Instruction is a racing game in which players shoot down obstacles to reach the goal within a certain amount of time. In the game, you will need to reach a specific mileage in each course to unlock stories with your coach, Karin Lorenz. Initially, Karin will interact rather coldly with you; as you get closer to her, she will steadily open up and become more intimate.

The game's races take place on a straight road with multiple obstacles, such as cars, meteors, and other objects. You can either drive around them or shoot them with your mounted turret. After completing the course, you will earn rewards that can be used to purchase a variety of different WWII tanks. Each of the tanks have their own unique stats when it comes to speed, acceleration, armor, and reload. Players will have to choose the best tank to use on each of the four different race courses. There is also a challenge mode, centered more around improving at the game and beating your previous records.


“Karin's Instruction” is a tank-themed parkour game where, through your efforts, you engage in various intimate interactions with coach Karin.


Drive your tank on a straight road, with many vehicles blocking your way. Utilize your exceptional driving skills to maneuver around them, or turn the turret and blast a shot to eliminate them.

Earn rewards to purchase new tanks; the game offers dozens of WWII tanks to collect, each with unique characteristics.

Through four different areas, including expansive forest, dim temple, narrow city, and dangerous space. Showcase your skills and make your way to the goal.


Unlock stories with mileage. Coach Karin goes from distant to intimate in six animations, offering a concise yet rich plot for a satisfying experience.

You can purchase Karin’s Instruction on Steam for $3.99.

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