Putting the D in the double D.

Xoullion’s fantasy RPG Maker game My Life In A Monster Girl Paradise is available in early access on Steam.

My Life In A Monster Girl Paradise is a monster girl collection game in which you battle, befriend, and fuck the monster girls you come across. Your adventure began when you were a child. Back then, you sailed around the world with your parents. One night, a storm destroyed the ship and you were able to hold onto a piece of wood from the wreckage. By the time the storm had passed, you were all alone and could only assume that your parents were swept away by the waves or drowned. Eventually, you washed up on an strange island where you were taken in by a minotaur woman and her lamia daughter. Years have passed and you have grown to see your new animal-like companions as your new family. On your eighteenth birthday, your minotaur mother told you that you are now old enough to support the village and invite more monster girls to live there.

When you start the game, you will be able to customize your character’s name, the name of the minotaur and lamia, and your relationship with them. With the skills you have learned from your minotaur mother, you will be able to defend yourself against hostile monster girls by attacking their weak points. After you have fought them enough, you can invite them to the village and go on dates with them.

The game is in the early stages of development and Xoullion does not have an exact date for when My Life In A Monster Girl Paradise will be fully released, but they estimate it will take over a year to complete. The current version of the game has six monster girls to collect, but the full version is expected to have fourteen. Once the game is completed and published, the price will not change unless something unexpected happens.

Fight and befriend different types of monster girls.

Unlock extra features by inviting monster girls to live in your village.

Current Race List:Minotaur, Lamia, Alraune, Kitsune, Centaur, Mershark, Scylla, Eel.

Gather the resources for house building and explore the world.

Simple Battle-Fuck System.

Monster girls will try to tempt you and drain you dry.


Quests and tasks.


Level up your relationship and unlock new scenes.

Fast Travel and Camping.

All visuals are fully animated.

You can purchase My Life In A Monster Girl Paradise in early access for $6.99 on Steam. There is also a demo if you should like to try the game for yourself.

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