...the fuck?

Dark One!’s hypnosis nukige, Saimin Gakushū: Secret Desire, has been released on Denpasoft.

Saimin Gakushū: Secret Desire is a visual novel made by Dark One!, the same developers behind the Nope Nope Nurses series. The story follows Sekino Souichi, a slacker student with no interest in studying. One day, the student council president, and star student of the school, Himemiya Tsukino confronted him in regards to his horrible grades, leading to an argument between the two. Tsukino lost her temper, slapping Souichi across the face and embarrassing him in public.

To prove Tsukino wrong, Souichi tried to study, but he couldn’t commit to working hard or putting any effort in. Instead, he decided to search up lifehacks online and purchased a “hypnology device” from a shopping site. It was just a reckless purchase that he didn’t expect to work, but to his surprise the “hypnology device” was more effective than he expected. Originally, Soichi was going to use it to sneakily fix his grades, but he has a more interesting plan for this device, and his first target is Tsukino. The game has full voice acting and three branching routes where you can have sex with the girls of the student council, the teachers, and Tsukino’s mother.


When the lovely Tsukino, student council president and the academy’s star pupil, confronts serial slacker Soichi about his embarrassing grades, tempers flare and a very public argument ensues. In the heat of the moment, Tsukino slaps Soichi across the face, much to his humiliation.

At first, Soichi resolves to study harder if only to prove Tsukino wrong, but reality soon kicks in when he realizes he is unwilling to give up his lazy lifestyle. Looking to lifehack his way out of any actual effort, he purchases a “hypnology device” on a whim from an online shopping site.

Although skeptical at first, Soichi is surprised to learn that the device has a much more potent hypnotic effect than he could ever have imagined. Naturally, our hero scraps his original plans at once, instead devising a new plan to use the machine—with campus queen Tsukino as his first target.

You can purchase Saimin Gakushū: Secret Desire on sale from Denpasoft for $6.00. When the sale ends, the game will return to its original sales price of $19.99.

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