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Nie no Hakoniwa – Dollhouse of Offerings, Chatte Noire’s horror visual novel, is now available on Denpasoft, DLsite, and Steam.

Nie no Hakoniwa – Dollhouse of Offerings is the first title published by Chatte Noire, the sister company of NEKO WORKs. Unlike the titles from NEKO WORKs, this title is a horror eroge featuring grotesque depictions of ryona, gore, violence, and more. The story begins in the past, in which an outlander with a mysterious “box” approached the village of a minority that has suffered under oppression for a long time. The minority used the “box” to overthrow those in power; years later, they established seven noble houses, becoming more prosperous over time.

House Shiki, one of the first noble houses to be established, didn't have a son to become the next heir of the family, leading them to adopt a young man from outside the village. Kurou, a “product” of the Yasaka Family, was born and raised to be devoid of emotion, lacking normal communication skills. The Shiki family took him in so he could marry their eldest daughter, Shiki Kyouko, a cheerful girl who had accepted her role in the family. As Kurou spent time with and interacted with Kyouko, he started to develop proper emotions. Just as Kurou and Kyouko were finally to be married, a nightmare was born.


- A long and satisfying story

- Artwork by popular illustrator Kaguyuzu

- Theme songs by Shimotsuki Haruka

- Full Japanese voice acting

- Japanese, English, and Chinese language options

You can purchase Nie no Hakoniwa – Dollhouse of Offerings for $29.99 from Steam, on sale for $31.99 from Denpasoft, and 3,168¥ ($21.08) from DLsite. After March 14th, the sale will end on DLsite and the price will increase back up to 3,960¥ ($26.35). If you plan to buy the game on Steam, you will also need to buy the R18 DLC to unlock the adult content. The DLC can be purchased from either Denpasoft for $8.49 or DLsite for 841¥ ($5.60).

If you plan to purchase the game from DLsite, make sure you have a Japanese language pack on your PC and your system locale set to Japanese. You can learn more about this on DLsite’s help page.

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